Current lab members

Zlatomira Ilchovska


Zlatomira is a PhD student who's research is concerned with bilingual language switching. In particular, she is trying to identify how bilingual-experience factors, such as language proficiency, age of acquisition and language switching experience in daily life, affects performance and neural functioning when bilinguals are asked to switch languages. She is also interested in how bilinguals' individual differences in more general cognitive abilities explain variation of language switching abilities.

Yifan Wang


Yifan's PhD research explores the role of bilingual biculturalism in perspective-taking. Bilingual learners have been shown to outperform their monolingual peers in various perspective-taking tasks. These effects might stem from bi-culturalism, which forces bilinguals to view the world from different perspectives and requires a high level of mental flexibility. Her research compares various groups of English second language learners with a strong command of English in bicultural and monocultural settings. The results will help us understand what makes bilingual speakers better communicators and more flexible thinkers.

Shijun Yu (Iris)


Shijun Yu (Iris) is a PhD student who is interested in exploring the superior perspective-taking ability in bilingual children. Metalinguistic skill is believed to be one of the contributing factors. Her current research focuses on training monolingual children on metalinguistic skills to see whether this could help them to reach a similar level of perspective-taking skills as bilinguals.

Paulina Salgado Garcia


Paulina is a psychologist and a PhD student at Krott’s lab, who is interested in exploring mental health benefits of bilingualism. To achieve this, she applies a variety of individual differences and longitudinal analytical tools across her PhD project. She studies a range of child cohorts, focusing on bilingual children in primary school settings, focussing at their executive functions, cognitive-social skills and general wellbeing and comparing them to their monolingual peers.

Previous lab members

(PhD students and postdoctoral fellows)

Dr. Felix Carter, now Research Associate at the University of Bristol.

Dr. Valeria Agostini, now teacher at a two-way immersion primary school in the U.K.

Dr. Cecilia Zuniga Montanez, now postdotoral research associate at the National Institute of Ecomonic and Social Research (NIESR)

Dr. Vincent DeLuca, now Associate Professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Dr. Asma Assaneea, now Assistant Professor at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia 

Dr. Zheni Goranova, now working as an Energy Analyst for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (UK government)

Dr. Isabella Fritz, now postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oxford


Dr. Beinan Zhou, was postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, works now for private company in China


Dr. Simon Snape, now Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University Centre Shrewsbury


Dr. Riadh Lebib, now consultant at SBT Human(s) Matter


Dr. Helen Breadmore, now Associate Professor at University of Birmingham